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About us

¿How did the idea arise?

Nowadays, we all try to take more care of ourselves by eating healthier, doing sports and having an active social life.

Our idea stems from the need to offer a service that helps people feel better with themselves and to spread this feeling towards everyone in a positive way. In Laser Factory, we will try to be part of this small great change.

The trust and spirit of service are the basis of our work as well as what motivates us to improve every day in order to achieve optimal results for our customers, always aiming for their tranquility and well-being.

Laser Factory has been conceived by Mayte Tricas, a professional who has developed and dedicated her career to customer service. After a long career path, she decided to create her own personal project. Laser Factory is a private equity funded company, not to be franchised and conceived to reach everyone in the national territory. You will find a highly qualified and specially trained team in all our centres, ready to advise you and ensure your satisfaction.

What characterizes us is simply work well done, which is synonym of thorough guarantee.

Our staff is properly trained and qualified to provide advice and support throughout the laser hair removal process.
We work with the most advanced laser technology available to achieve the best results safely and efficiently.
We are not a franchise, we provide you with personalized treatment and trust to attend one of our centers.
We work without any bonuses, you only pay sessions when you need them. We have packages and rates for individual zones.